Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal

Yep. THE Wall Street Journal. Apparently someone thought we were interesting enough to write about. And man is it a good read! But if you're not much into reading, check out the accompanying video or the fantastic photos. We're national folks. This is not a drill.

XLent Weekly (Austin American Statesman)
XL Weekly

Who's that handsome devil? We made it on the cover of XL. And look! Pretty words in a nice interview to boot. But wait! There's more! There's a whole video to go along with it. Pretty sweet. Pre-tty sweet indeed.

That Other Paper
That Other Paper

We don't think we're ever gonna find a better article on the game from an outside source. Namely, because the writer knows -- I mean really knows the game. Just a fantastic read, really.

News 8 Austin - Fit For Friday News
news 8 austin

If you didn't see the story on the news, check it out on the News 8 Austin website. Super special thanks to Amy Hadley for playing and being such a good sport. The story came out really well, and we got some great coverage.

Austin Fit Magazine
Austin Fit Magazine

Check out the video by Angel Schatz Austin Fit Magazine. They did a super job and them's good people. Read their magazine.

The Austinist
The Austinist

The Austinist is the best place to find out about the most current and coolest happenings around Austin. And they got on the Mojo Kickball fan-wagon early. Thanks to Austinist writer Shannon Roberts for the nod our way.

What is Mojo Kickball™?

Easy. Mojo Kickball™ is the most fun team sport you have ever played.

Imagine if Kickball was out drunk one night and started making out with Tag. Then Dodgeball comes into the Club and is like, "Hello, what's this?" and then joins in. But just at that moment, the Club announces that it's last call and that everyone has to leave. But no one is sober enough to drive, so they ask their old pal Hot-Potato to drive them home, who graciously obliges.

3 weeks later, Kickball realizes it's pregnant, but doesn't know who the father is. But it's cool, because everyone pitches in. 9 Months later, Little Mojo Kickball™ is born into a caring loving family consisting of 1 mother and 3 fathers.

And that's Mojo Kickball™.
Right now Little Mojo Kickball™ is now a clumsy teenager.

No. Seriously. What is Mojo Kickball™?

Put simply, Mojo Kickball™ is multi-ball kickball with elements of dodgeball, tag, and even hot-potato mixed in. But it's so much more than that. It fills a void in recreational sports that has existed for a long long time, for adults and children alike.

What's so great about Mojo Kickball™?

Everyone is playing, all the time.
There's no waiting in line for your turn. Well there is. But not for very long. And even when you're in a line, you regularly jump out temporarily and do things to help your team out.
Clever people are rewarded.
You could be un-athletic as all get-out and still be your team's MVP because you used straight-up strategy over athletic ability. Oh don't get me wrong, athletic ability totally helps, but it's not anywhere close to being the end-all be-all of this game.
A wide variety of roles.
Your role can switch from Pitching to Kicking to Chasing people to running down multiple balls all in a minute. How long you stay in those roles is somewhat a decision on your part, so you can determine what best suits your fancy and your team for that moment.
"Inclusion with Contribution"
If you're a fast runner, there's a place for you. If you're a good Pitcher, there's a place for you. If you can Kick like the devil, there's a place for you. Even if you don't have a lick of athletic ability (I don't), there's a place for you. It's really surprising to see who the good players will be in this game. A lot of them didn't know they were going to be good at the game until they played it.
Whole families, adults and children, could play against each other and have star players that they never expected. Cool, huh? This is a game where you are always able to contribute to your team.
The game's so fun, it's even fun to referee it.
It's true. Most referees sit around and wait for something to happen. As a ref in Mojo Kickball™, you'll have the opportunity to witness some new hilarious event about every 5 minutes. And in between you'll be calling balls for multiple balls. I don't know how it's fun. It just is. I was surprised too.
It's pretty scaleable
A lot of people can change the game dynamic, but the game still remains fair and balanced.
Invented in Austin, Texas
Ok, maybe that's not a plus for you, but it only seems natural that a game this awesome could be invented and supported in a place as wonderful, courageous and crazy as Austin.

You're a liar. There's no way the game is that fun.

It is! Check out the strategies and then maybe the rules and you'll start to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

Fine. I'd like to play.

Yes, but in what city? Presently we are in Minneapolis, MN with MojoKickball and Austin, Texas with a variation known as Field Mojo. Quite a spread, huh? No worries, head on over to the sign-up area and you can choose which mailing list to be on.

Regardless, we're glad to have you on board! We post regularly scheduled games when fields are available. Since the fields do cost money to rent, we do ask for a $3-$5 donation at the field. But if you'd rather donate to the Mojo cause online, you can do so on the schedule page or here. If you pay online, we do ask that you add $1 to your donation amount in order to offset transaction fees.